Monday, October 1, 2012

Otome Game Reviews - Shall we date?: Ninja Love

Title: Shall we date?: Ninja Love
Company: NTT Solmare
Platforms: iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Android handset
Official website:

In this otome game, you will be playing as the heroine. Again, there is no default name for the heroine so you can choose your own name. In the beginning, you are living as the granddaughter of a chief priest at a temple. When a group of ninjas appeared and entered your life. You found out from your grandfather that you're the Ninja Princess - A symbol of unity of all Ninja Clans. Nobunaga Oga was trying to conquer the world and also to wipe out all "Ninjas". You, as the heroine, will have to pick out 7 characters to travel with to Iga. On the way there, you have to learn the basic of being a Ninja.

The 4 Ninjas, 1 Ronin, 1 Tactician and 1 Doctor

A word of caution: You can only pick Sasuke, Saizo and Kotaro's routes for free. For Goemon, Musashi, Rennoshin and Munenori, you will have to purchase the character packs.

A young and mischievous little ninja

"I gave you that on purpose. To show everyone you're mine..."

Name: Sasuke Sarutobi
Job: Koga Ninja
Weapon: Claws
Height: 190cm

He's still young, but he's considered one of the biggest assets of the Koga Clan. He's as nimble as a monkey, he can fly from tree to tree, and he can take down enemies in a heartbeat. He still has some childish qualities to him, and he's pretty reckless, but those are some of his strong points as well. His cheerfulness is especially invigorating.

An elite lady killer

"I'm cold so come a bit closer... I'm not gonna do anything, silly."

Name: Goemon Ishikawa
Job: Iga Ninja
Weapon: Giant throwing knives
Height: 185cm

As a ninja he has great authoritative powers. He stands out a bit when moving on his own, but he takes his job seriously, and he can be trusted to do anything all by himself. However... He's quite a bit of a player. He has been instructed not to lay his hands on you, princess.

A cool and sadistic ninja

"Do you even know what you're saying? Don't even think of telling any other guys that."

Name: Saizo Kirigakure
Job: Koga Ninja
Weapon: Sickle & Chain
Height: 182cm

A master of disguise, and more intangible than fog. He is especially adept at infiltrating enemy territory and gathering intelligence by using disguises. He may feel cold and distant, but he takes good care of his subordinates, and he is generally well-liked.

An emotionless, lonely ninja

"It is my job to protect you, princess... I am ready to sacrifice my life for you." 

Name: Kotaro Fuma
Job: Fuma Clan
Weapon: Matchlock
Height: 186cm

An exemplary ninja who is guaranteed to successfully complete any mission you gave him. Considering the extreme difficulty of most of his tasks, this is saying enough. He doesn't talk much, and he doesn't seem to have many friends. It seems he's had a rough past... But perhaps he will open up to you, princess.

A ronin looking to find strength

"All I need are my swords. But then, why do I feel like touching you so much!?" 

Name: Musashi Miyamoto
Job: Ronin
Weapon: Two swords
Height: 187cm

This master swordsman is known for fighting with 2 blades at a time. He doesn't belong to any clan or region and his sole purpose is to find strong fighters. He has no interest in anything but swords, and it is said he doesn't even think about anything else. Apparently, he's pretty cute when he's not carrying his swords, but once he grabs his blades, he becomes a merciless warrior. What will his quest for power lead to?

A brilliant doctor with a selfless love of living beings

"I'm not looking for love. I have devoted my life to medicine."

Name: Rennoshin
Job: Doctor
Weapon: Sword (only in emergencies)
Height: 178cm

He has studied medicine under many teachers, and he has been offered positions as a doctor by many feudal lords, but he has chosen to keep the following the path to improvement to deepen knowledge. Ren even came to Iga to further his studies. Some people are deeply moved by his desire to save lives. His only flaw is that once he falls asleep, not even an earthquake can move him. He tends to sleep anywhere he wants, which has caused considerable trouble in the past.

A reckless tactician

"You need me, right? I'll make you understand with your entire body."

Name: Munenori Yagyu
Job: Yagyu Family
Weapon: Sword
Height: 182

The leader of the Yagyu Family, he's famous as a tactician as well as a swordsman, making both a good warrior and a good scholar. His actions are in the name of the family, and he is always rational. Few people know of his true feelings. The Yagyu Family is known for its swordsmanship, but it seems some of them move around in the shadows just as much as ninjas do.

Side Characters
Hanzo Hattori - The mature and reliable head of the Iga ninjas. His legendary powers are acknowledged even by other clans. However, he doesn't know much about love, and he's famous for being a bit "dim" in that regard.

Kuma - The strongest female ninja in all of Iga. The size of her body is only matched by the beauty of her skin. She's been known to have a cute side as well.

Nobunaga Oda - The leader of the Oda clan. A ruthless and violent warlord who is trying to take over the world. He fears the powers of the "ninja", and has ordered his son, Nobukatsu, to "wipe out all ninjas".

Mitsuhide Akechi  - Nobunaga's Adviser. Nobunaga derides him as a coward, but he continues to serve without complaint. He is very fond of his family. ( This character's role is always changing depends on what route you pick.)

Oriku - A sexy Japanese beauty. (She works under Nobunaga's army and also master of disguise.)


This game consists of both languages: Japanese and English. So you can learn Japanese while you play. A word of caution here, when you change the language, it will reset the whole game. That means you will have to replay the whole game again. There will be 7 routes for you to pick and the time span for each character is the same - 14 chapters if I am not wrong. As you go through the plot, there will 3 options - Positive, Neutral and Negative. If you have gave the Positive answer, the screen will appear sparkles. Each character has 6 CGs. The numbers of mails varies. Each character has 3 endings - Happy Ending, Normal Ending and Unhappy Ending.

This game also consists of extra chapters. Sadly, those chapters do not have any CG. You have two options -  There isn't right or wrong but there is non-sexual and sexual conversations based on the answer you picked on those chapters which are after the main story line. Those extra chapters during the story line will only contain funny or mushy moments. Also, based on your answer. Most of these extra chapters have to be bought. They aren't free.


Sasuke Sarutobi

Happy Ending (Sasuke Sarutobi)

He is... Very naive and childish person. He might be taller than you but he's younger than you. I have no idea of how young. His cheerful nature did brighten up my mood when I played his route. However, I got frustrated when I do not get his intention -whether is he joking with the heroine or really in love with her. However, as the plot goes, the back story for Sasuke is really saddening. He did go tsundere mode for a while when you found out his past. He may be young but he is capable of protecting you. It was a fun route to go when I played this game.


Goemon Ishikawa

Happy Ending (Goemon Ishikawa)

He is bossy and a popular man - womanizer to be exact. He can get any woman to be mesmerized by him. However, under that mask, he is someone who is loyal to his superiors and also to his subordinates. Most of the time, when you played his route, he will try means and ways to make you fall in love with him. You didn't, at first. When you got to know him better, he's a little bit Robin Hood. He stole money from rich bastards that stole innocent's money and returned them. You will also know his past. After knowing him more, you fall in love with the Real Goemon, rather than the womanizer Goemon. In the game, you keep addressing him as Master Goemon.


Saizo Kirigakure

Happy Ending (Saizo Kirigakure)

Saizo is my second route to pick. His route is moderately hard. He also reminds me of my best friends' muse - Tsubasa S. Kamiya. Saizo isn't someone who can express his feelings and most of the time, will treat you as an idiot. Calling you names which in the beginning, doesn't hurt, but as the story goes along, it hurts. When he seduced Oriku, you get mad and jealous. Mad because men have sexual needs and as a village girl, you do not have any idea of why. Jealous because you have starting to love him and also dislike the way he uses to get information. Even when he told you the truth, you were still angry and trying to comprehend. You will find out his back story as well and that will be the reason of why he is so cold. However, in the end, he loves you as he protects you from harm.


Kotaro Fuma

Happy Ending (Kotaro Fuma)

He is my first character whom I picked. It was hard to play his route and in the end, I have to use walkthroughs to help me. His route can be the hardest and due to his quiet and shy persona, the heroine has to initiate the relationship with him. Otherwise, there won't be any progress with him. However, you cannot be too direct either, because you will "scared" him away. There is a back story for him and somewhat makes me guilty. You have a nickname which his former lover was named. It made the heroine guilty as well, but in the end, if you got all the Positive answers, you have the happy ending.


Musashi Miyamoto

Happy Ending (Musashi Miyamoto)

I love his route the most. I am attracted to him. His way of living and such. Then when something or someone came into his life and "disrupts" it, his mind got messed up and he is adorable that way. His body size might be big, his personality might be wild and rowdy, but his heart is pure and kind. Musashi might not understand love in the beginning and he was protecting you because he can meet more strong people to challenge his own limits. As the story goes, Musashi wants to protect not because of money or even meeting people to challenge, but to protect you because he loves you.




Happy Ending (Rennoshin)

For Rennoshin's route... I don't know. I think it was fun to take but I don't feel anything towards him. He did say he dedicated his life to medicine and always helping the sick. I think he is the eldest character among all but most of the time, he doesn't act to his age. He will fall asleep while taking a bath and you went to save him before he drowns himself in his own dreamland. I have no idea of what his mind was thinking in some moments of the game. However, he is really helpful and most of the time, he treats you more like a younger sister than a lover. You resembled his late younger sister. However, as time goes, he fell in love with you and your kindness. That's the wedding kimono he bought for you.


Munenori Yagyu

Happy Ending (Munenori Yagyu)

Another favourite route. He is a born leader and also a rich *beep*. He doesn't like you in the first place at all and thinks you're too young and naive. Munenori loves to tease you and thinks you're fun to be with. He loves to see your reaction and such. When he really worries about you, he does. Eventually, you found out his weakness and constantly teasing him. Munenori thinks you're sassy and bratty because your constant teasing of him, but he said he would not feel bored for the rest of his life.


This is by far my favourite mobile otome game. Even though my first game played was Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince. I have no idea why but I really like it. Plus there are 2 characters based on real people - Musashi Miyamoto and Munenori Yagyu. Both of them worked together based on history, the same in the game as well. I love the CGs but I do not like the attack scene. Especially Goemon's attack. Full red filled the screen and well, it's bright red! Made my eyes blurred. I have no idea who my favourite characters are. Other than that, it's really a nice game. Just try and you will know what I mean. :3